Where’s My Email???

If you are in:

Central Office and Maintenance Bldg.



All PC users should use Outlook. Those users that have a IPAQ/Palm will be able to synchronize with Outlook. All users will be able to access their email from outside the building using: http://webmail.ccps.org



Administrative offices within a school building may use Outlook or Webmail on their PC’s. Users who have a IPAQ/Palm must use Outlook on their desktop machines in order to synchronize.


Teachers within a school building: we SUGGEST you launch Internet Explorer and then use:  http://webmail.ccps.org

This will allow you to “see” your messages – whether at school or at home.

You MAY use Netscape, or Entourage within a school building, however, outside of a school you cannot use these programs to send or receive email messages due to the SPAM filtering system.


Launch Internet Explorer and then use:


Users must use webmail from home at all times. Our new SPAM filtering system will not allow users outside of our school buildings to send or receive email messages using Netscape/Entourage/ Outlook.


          Directions for Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, and Entourage are listed below:

Outlook, Stand-alone version

1.     The directions sent earlier in the month have changed by a couple settings due to the installation of a SPAM server. Please follow as follows:

2.      Go to Outlook, Tools, Services (could be listed as Accounts/Mail on some computers), highlight Internet E-mail, click on Properties



3.      Should look like next box:


4.      Click on Servers

a.      Change incoming and outgoing mail settings to

                                                              i.      Incoming: pop.ccps.org

                                                            ii.      Outgoing: smtp.ccps.org

b.      Make sure Outgoing Mail Server “My server requires authentication” is NOT checked. (See next box)


This box was checked in the earlier version, uncheck the box that says “My server requires authentication




Your username


Note big change in how this box is set up










1.      In Messenger, go to Edit, Preferences, Open Mail & Newsgroups (this shows how your box will look when you open it)


Nothing is needed here


This is a change.


Your username



2.      Highlight mail.ccps.org at top of box, click on Edit, change to pop.ccps.org

3.      Under Outgoing servers in middle of box, list change as: smtp.ccps.org


This is a change.


Nothing is needed here









1.      Entourage users follow a POP server configuration. Your files are not stored on the server; they are downloaded onto your desktop computer whenever you open Entourage. Your email files will not be affected by the server swap. For your own satisfaction, you may back up your contacts, but it is not necessary.

2.      Go to File, Export Contacts – it will save as a .txt file.

3.      Change your email settings as follows:

    1. Open Tools, Accounts

    1. Highlight (work – or whatever your school account is called), click on Edit.
    2. In box that opens, change settings as in next box:

1.      incoming: pop.ccps.org

2.      outgoing: smtp.ccps.org – click OK.